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Replacing your tiled or tired metal roofing instantly revitalises the look and condition of your home. Extending your existing roof to cover an additional living space creates seamless continuity, in style and structure. Achieving these results, however, depends upon choosing the right metal roofing supplies and the right installer. Engaging an installer who takes shortcuts and who are inexperienced can result in your property having rusting and leaking roofs, structural damage, public liability, and expense in additional metal roofing supplies.

Trust your property to Alcoil. For 25 years, we have been replacing and installing custom steel roofing. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage any challenge with effective, informed solutions and tailored designs. Our ingenuity and commitment to excellence are what sets us apart. From stand-alone, steel roofing replacements to complete system installations, incorporating steel roofing, guttering and insulation.

Alcoil does it all and we offer a warranty on materials of up to 25 years and a six year warranty on our installations.

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Alcoil provides everything you need to complete and install your guttering system, from silicone to nuts.

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