Save a Penny Now, Risk a Fortune in the Future

Alcoil on 18 December 2014

As professional gutter installers, we know all about that sense of fulfilment that comes with completing a DIY job; the joy of doing something with your own two hands. And as human beings, we understand the satisfaction of saving money wherever possible. But as DIY craftsmen - and as economical beings - you’ve got to know where to draw the line, and when to call in the professionals.

Gutter installation is one of those things best left in the hands of the experts.

While gutter installation can be pricey, it’s better to spend a bit now to save a lot in the future. And the savings you make by outsourcing to experts include much more than monetary savings - they extend to the look of your house, the integrity of your roof, and the safety of both you and your family.

Choosing a Guttering System to Install

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With professionalism comes knowledge. With knowledge comes the right guttering system for your home.

Every home is just as unique as those who live inside it. This is true not only of size and shape, but also of the area and climate surrounding a house. Because of these considerations, homes should ideally be assessed by a professional prior to gutter installation, so that the right guttering material can be chosen to ensure maximum lifespan and minimal maintenance.

Different guttering materials - such as steel and aluminium - suit different climates and come with different benefits. At Alcoil, before we even give you a quote, our team will conduct a thorough, no obligation inspection on your house, so we will be able to guide you towards the best guttering system for your home; one that is able to weather any storm Melbourne throws at you.

Professional Installers Prevent Leaks, Banish Rust

If you’re planning on doing your gutters yourself, chances are you don’t have the technology to roll out continuous guttering and cut it into the exact shapes and sizes your house needs. Even if your guttering is not going to be continuous, it is important that segmented guttering is joined correctly and expertly to avoid ongoing maintenance costs. Bad joins mean leaks, rusting, breakage, and money down the drain.

The advantage of continuous guttering is that there are no joins, leaving water with nowhere to leak out. It also gives rust a lot less opportunity to take hold. Additionally, Alcoil’s continuous guttering is made to measure and roll formed on site, meaning no wastage. In other words, no guttering that has been paid for will be left unused.

Bigger Risks of DIY Guttering

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A gutter’s job is to protect your roof from disaster. But ironically, if not fitted correctly, it could actually do more harm than good.

Professional gutter installation means that trained experts are on-hand to ensure that the guttering system being installed is compatible with your roof type. They will be able to make sure that the guttering system will not cause any damage to your home either now, or in the future.

Professional gutter installers will also be able to identify any existing problems with your roof or guttering system that would not be visible to the untrained eye, and fix them before any serious damage is done.

Expert gutter installation ensures not only that your gutters will last longer, but also that your roof continues to be safe and sturdy for as long as possible.

Cover Yourself with a Professional Guarantee

By law, if the total value of a guttering job is over $750, it must be done by a licensed professional - even if it is just on your own home. This means that if you have done a complete DIY guttering job and something goes wrong - either now or in the future - insurance won’t cover it.

At Alcoil, we offer a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee for steel guttering systems and 25 years for aluminium. Though our faith in our gutter installation work makes us sure you’ll never need to use our warranties, it’s nice to have the comfort of knowing that your gutters will last for at least two decades. Whether DIY or professional, the costs of gutter repair and replacement are high, and you don’t want to be forking out for it every other year.

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When it comes to guttering, it’s better to be safe than sorry. While DIY gutter installation may be cheaper in the short-term, it is also much more time-consuming with the potential to be much, much more costly in the long-term.

If your guttering system is not installed by a professional, the material used is unlikely to be ideal for your particular house. If you don’t get an expert assessment prior to gutter installation, your gutters will be much more prone to leaks, rust, overflow - and high maintenance costs as a result.

Additionally, law stipulates that jobs over $750 must be done by a professional. To avoid conflict with your insurance company, get the job done by an expert. Gutter repair is expensive, and you don’t want the funds to be coming from your own pocket. Purchase peace of mind with a government statutory warranty issued by a professional gutter installer.

If you need professional gutter installation, call in the experts on (03) 98874563.