Alcoil on 17 December 2015

So you've decided to splash out on a new roof. Good for you! After all, there's no sense saving that cash for a rainy day if the rain's already coming through holes in the ceiling.

However, there is a way you can maximise that investment and quickly replenish that rainy day fund; by replacing your gutters at the same time as your roof, you stand to save a considerable amount of money.

How on earth does spending more money on your roof project save you money? Read on to find out...

Like it or not, your gutters will need replacing eventually

replacing roof

Just like your old roof, your gutters will eventually start to crack, rust and leak. And once you notice those warning signs, it's only a matter of time before your guttering crumbles completely.

When that happens, you'll require the services of a roof plumber to install new gutters. Sure, you can wait until gutter replacement is absolutely necessary. But imagine having workmen finish installing your roof and then having to call them back to install new gutters within a few months. Nightmare!

By combining roofing and guttering replacement into a single project, you'll also save the time you'd normally spend accumulating quotes.

Save money

Trying to spread the cost of a new roof and new gutters may seem like a prudent approach. But by far the more cost-effective option is to install new guttering while your roof is being replaced. That's because the roof replacement process grants far better access than usual to your guttering, meaning they can be installed quickly and efficiently.

Hiring a full-service roof and gutter company means they are already established on site, reducing delivery costs. Set up time is also significantly reduced. And the quicker the job gets done, the fewer man hours you pay for.

replacing gutter roofing closeup

Better-looking, more effective roofing

Replacing your guttering and roofing simultaneously ensures a seamless, consistent look for your whole roof line. There's little sense in modernising your roof with a great-looking material like Colorbond if it's flanked by shabby, rusted old gutters.

Replacing both at the time also means creating a roof-guttering system that handles the elements more effectively. It ensures your guttering fits your new roof's dimensions exactly, guaranteeing proper capture and discharge of rainwater. This puts less stress on both your roof and gutter, giving both greater longevity - maximising your investment.

When is it better not to replace gutters and roofs at the same time?

If you have only recently upgraded your guttering to Colorbond, it's probably not beneficial to change it again with your roof replacement.

However, it is important to note that galvanised roofing should not be paired with zincalume gutters. If you're in any doubt as to matching your new roof materials with your existing guttering, call Alcoil on (03) 98874563 for friendly no-obligation advice.

What's the best way to replace gutters and roofing at the same time?

alcoil professional changing gutters roofing

Hire a specialist company that replaces both metal roofing and metal guttering. By using Alcoil Colorbond gutter and Colorbond roofing the colours and endurance is guaranteed. You'll save hundreds - more likely thousands - of dollars. You also won't have to worry about being let down by companies that don't turn up on time.

With our integrated roof-guttering service, we'll achieve a result that's superior both visually and in terms of functionality.

Call Alcoil on (03) 98874563 to discuss your roof and gutter replacement project.