When Birds Make Your Gutters Their Home

Alcoil on 15 September 2015

Nature doesn't recognise rights of property owners. In the leafy, sprawling suburbs of Melbourne, the clash between people's homes the forces of nature is illustrated by the nesting habits of some troublesome bird species. These birds see the gutters on Melbourne homes as ideal spots for building a nest and raising a family.

Unfortunately, gutters and nests do not mix. Birds nesting in gutters can lead to problems, including damage to your home, health and safety risks, as well as general mess and noise. If you have just discovered a new avian house-mate, it’s time to give them an eviction notice.

Upgrading your guttering system is critical step to prevent birds from nesting in around your home. Alcoil’s high quality guttering systems can be fitted with a custom leafguard, which will not only protect you gutters from leaves, but will ensure birds will no longer nest in your gutters.

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Why is nesting in guttering a problem?

Gutters can be a perfect place for birds to build a nest. Birds may also find an access point into your roof from holes or openings near your gutters. As they build their nest, they will bring with them leaf litter, droppings and other pests. This activity can damage your home and pose as a health and safety risk to you and your family.

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Blocked gutters and home damage. Nesting birds will collect sticks, twigs and other material to build their nests. If birds are nesting in your gutters, it is usually a sign that your gutters are in need of a serious clean or replacement. Blocked or damaged gutters will mean that water will not drain and divert away from your home, and can enter your homes roof, foundations or walls and cause serious structural damage.

A good guttering system is the key to ensuring that pests don’t make your gutters home.

Health Risks. In addition to unsanitary litter and droppings, the presence of birds will encourage other pests, such as bird mites, ticks and insects. Bird mites are known to infest homes and target humans when their old hosts, the nesting birds, have moved on. Nests will need to be removed entirely to ensure these bird mites are removed as well.

Fire Risk. The nesting materials and leaf litter introduced into gutters and roofs pose as a serious fire risk. This flammable material is a source of combustion if exposed to embers, and the location of this material in roof spaces will mean that a potential fire will quickly spread. This risk is particularly serious during summer months or in bushfire prone areas.

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Mess and Noise. Nesting birds in your gutters or roof will make a mess, both in terms of scattered nesting material and droppings. Not only are these health risks, they are unsightly and unpleasant to have around your home. Bird droppings can also cause damage to your home’s exterior by staining or corroding exterior paint. Not to mention, nesting birds can also be a noisy disruption; when the baby chicks have hatched, they will start chirping at early hours in the morning!

Nest hot spots and troublesome bird species

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Birds will nest wherever there is a convenient spot with plenty of cover, and is dry and safe. Although a gutter might not seem like an ideal spot, if the gutter is blocked and full of debris it can provide a relative safe haven. Curious birds may also find access points into the roof from the gutter, especially near corner ‘hips’ on titled roofs, or ‘barges’ and on metal roofs.

Not all birds will nest in gutters and roofs. Most native species will prefer the refuge of a native tree over any man-made constructions. However, many introduced species such as Indian Mynors, Sparrows, Pigeons or Starlings will have no issue taking up residence in your residence. Even if there is no immediate signs of a nest in your gutters, be on the lookout for any holes or openings that these invasive birds would be able to climb into.

The Solution to Stopping Birds Nesting in Gutters

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The first step to getting rid of a nest in your gutters is to… get rid of the nest!

Birds’ nests can be easily removed by the home owner, but a number of gutter cleaning services or pest control services will be able to remove them for you if you prefer. Just like gutter cleaning, make sure that you have taken the proper precautions in order to safety work on a ladder and at heights. Also be sure to remove the entire nest and litter – bird mites are infamous for venturing into homes to find new hosts!

The next step is to prevent birds nesting in your gutters in the future. The trick is to ensure that nesting birds to not have access to your gutters or roof. Obviously any openings, broken tiles, gaps or holes will need to be properly patched up. Secondly, the installation of a leafguard will deny birds the opportunity to nest in your gutters, as well as keep gutters free from leaves and twigs, keeping them cleaner for longer.

Bird-proof Guttering Systems from Alcoil

A good guttering system is the key to ensuring that pests don’t make your gutters home. When a brand new installation is combined with a high quality leafguard, your home is safe from birds, pests and water damage from faulty gutters, as well as reducing the number of times you will need to clean! Put simply, a brand new gutter installation from Alcoil is an investment in your home.

If your gutters are leaking, overflowing or are prone to birds nesting in them, then it may be time for an upgrade. At Alcoil, we specialise in high quality continuous gutter systems, which ensure long gutter life and protection.

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