Alcoil on 22 December 2015

Twenty five years ago, Alcoil set Melbourne's benchmark for expertly-crafted roof guttering. And every year since then, we've continually raised the bar. The result is our customers enjoying an ever-widening choice of high quality guttering for their home improvement needs.

And as of 2014, Alcoil has further extended its quality product offerings into metal roofing. It will come as no surprised to existing Alcoil customers that we've chosen Colorbond as sole supplier for our metal roof offerings.

When Colorbond hit the market, we bought in - in every sense. Colorbond fit the high standards we expect from our material suppliers perfectly. So we became one of Melbourne's leading suppliers of Colorbond guttering.

Now, we can offer that same high quality result for your whole roof.

Time to replace crumbling or rusted roofing with hardier material? Or want to extend your existing roof line for a more modern look? With Colorbond, we can do either. Or both. And we can do it in a range of colours to perfectly complement your home's facade.

Either way, your roof will benefit from an unparalleled robustness in both look and construction.

Why Colorbond?

house with colorbond roof in article

There's a reason the name Colorbond is synonymous with home improvement. It's flexible. Resilient. And it looks great.

Made right here in Australia, Colorbond roofing is ideally suited to keep the Australian elements at bay.

Offering unparalleled protection, Colorbond roofing lasts for decades without ever rusting. And being completely recyclable, it's as kind to nature as it is to the eye - its 22 available colours are even inspired by the Australian landscape.

But why tell when we can show? Thanks to our visualisation tool, you can see how great Colorbond roofing will look on your house for yourself.

And that's just a starting point. Alcoil's in-house styling expert can give you professional advice on the ideal colour scheme for your home. 

Replacement and installation

roof installation

Want to bring your rustic home up to date? We can replace or install Colorbond steel roofing on any shape or size house - adding thousands to your home's resale value.

Starting with a free measure-and-quote, we carefully inspect your roof to give you an accurate recommendation. And because we focus on solutions - not sales - we'll tell you if a Colorbond roof isn't right for your home.

If it is, we'll ensure you're delighted with the results.

First, we precision-cut the Colorbond colour of your choice to fit your roof exactly.

Then, our team of expert roof plumbers install your roofing with equal attention-to-detail. Because the most cost-effective investment you'll ever make in your home's future needs proper care and attention.

For most roofing companies, that's where the story ends. Not in our book. Our generous warranties and after-sales support ensure you get total satisfaction from your Colorbond roofing. How's that for novel service?

Discover how Alcoil steel roofing can build your property's value. Call us on (03) 98874563.