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Alcoil Rainwater Heads.

Giving you shelter from the storm.

Alcoil steel rainheads protect against overflowing stormwater by storing excess water until it can be safely deposited away from the house, via the downpipe.

Alcoil will custom-make Colorbond rainheads in any Colorbond colour, to match or compliment your guttering system. We also offer off-the-shelf steel rainheads that have been carefully selected to correspond with the most popular guttering systems.

Alcoil’s steel rainheads are pre-painted, inside and out, to prevent rusting and maximise longevity.

Alcoil steel rainheads: Increase capacity and maximise performance.

Why Choose Steel Rainheads?

  • Increase water capacity for maximum performance.
  • Designed to deal with storm water.
  • Custom designed.

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