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Half-Round Gutters.

Full circle performance.

Alcoil’s steel half-round gutters combine European style with industrial strength. Formed from .42 gauge steel and supported by a system of external brackets, Alcoil’s half-round gutters are a stylish and functional rainwater management solution.

Pre-painted, inside and out, for protection against corrosion and greater longevity, the half-round is constructed for long-life utility. Since aluminium became unavailable for guttering, steel is by far the best material currently available.

Alcoil half-round gutters: The only thing we do by halves.

Why Choose Half-Round Gutters?

  • It’s a stylish choice
  • Pre-painted inside & out, for protection
  • Great rainwater management system

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Product Specifications

  • Product Details

    Half-Round Guttering

    Product code:

    Material 0.42mm steel
    Use on Low water carrying areas
    Brackets External half round, or concealed for Roundline @ 900mm spacings
    Corners 2 piece cast 90 & 45 degree, internal and external
    Warranty 20 year product perforation
    Features Available with or without overflow holes. Suits period homes and architectural requirements for decorative effects

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  • Colour Range


    • Brown


    • Tuscan Red

      Tuscan Red

    • Federation Green

      Federation Green

    • White


    • Hunter Red

      Hunter Red

    • Zinc


    • Rivergum


  • Accessories

    • Touch Up Paint

    • Rivets

    • Silicone

    • Clouts

    • PVC Adapter

    • PVC Elbow

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