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Alcoil Concealed Guttering.

Your hidden weapon against Melbourne’s storms.

Alcoil’s steel concealed gutters are ideally suited to the contemporary lines of Melbourne’s newer homes. 

Formed from our signature .55 gauge steel – 31% heavier than the industry norm – Alcoil’s gutters are built to last. Thicker steel translates to greater durability – particularly critical in the case of concealed guttering, where gutters are inside the roof of your home, where any leak or overflows could be disastrous.

Behind the scenes, our concealed gutters deliver greater water carrying capacity, to eliminate overflows without sacrificing appearances.

Made from Colorbond steel, Alcoil concealed guttering is painted inside and out for additional protection, further reducing the risk of corrosion and adding years to the life of your gutters. Colorbond steel is the best available guttering material since aluminium became unavailable for use in guttering. And it's backed by a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, Alcoil concealed gutters won’t give out.

Alcoil steel concealed guttering: Built to weather the storm.

Why Choose Steel Concealed Gutters?

  • Heavier gauge steel (.55 vs .42) will last longer.
  • Perfect for modern houses.
  • Eliminates overflows.

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Product Specifications

  • Product Details

    Concealed Guttering

    Product code:

    Material Genuine Bluescope Colorbond or zincalume
    Warranty 20 year product perforation (Colorbond)
    Length 6.0m
    Features Tapered for neater joining

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  • Colour Range


    • Classic Cream

      Classic Cream

    • Cottage Green

      Cottage Green

    • Cove


    • Deep Ocean

      Deep Ocean

    • Dune


    • Evening Haze

      Evening Haze

    • Gully


    • Ironstone


    • Jasper


    • Mangrove


    • Manor Red

      Manor Red

    • Monument


    • Night Sky

      Night Sky

    • Paperbark


    • Surfmist


    • Terrain


    • Wallaby


    • Windspray


    • Woodland Grey

      Woodland Grey

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