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Important - New Standards in Guttering

Regulatory requirements for overflow in eaves gutters systems

As all professional plumbers are aware as of 1/1/16 the VBA are enforcing AS3500.3 (2015)

What Does This Mean?

In simple terms they are requiring gutter installation be able to cope with 1 in 100 year rainfall events and prevent flow back into the eaves. Previously acceptable methods, such as slotted gutters, are NOT compliant.

pdf VBA - Overflow in eaves gutters PDF

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What Does This Mean For The Plumber?

The VBA has provided several options for plumbers to make an installation compliant:

  • Hang the gutter lower  The top of the bead must be 20mm below the top of the fascia to allow water to overflow safely over the bead.
  • Use a 10mm spacer – This creates a gap behind the gutter so water can overflow freely.
  • Flashing – Install a flashing behind the gutter, running up the roof to increase the apparent height of the fascia board, allowing water to overflow the bead

The Pros And Cons Of VBA Solutions


Hanging Gutter Lower

Cheapest simplest method

May not always be achievable with other fixtures on the fascia board (eg power entry)

Customers will not accept because tile noses will be fully exposed

Unhappy customer = no payment

Using 10mm Spacer

Moderately quick and easy to install

Extra money and time

Needs to be full perimeter of job

Could be a fire hazard, trapping litter in the gap

Customers negative acceptance of seeing the gap and the effect it would have when filled with spiders/leaf litter etc

Reduces available roof overhang and may cause dripping and subsequent problems for customer/plumber


Minimum cost (may not be needed around full perimeter)

Customer acceptance

Reliable, practical solution

Slight increase in cost for installation

Our Preferred Method: Supaflash 

Some of the methods offered by VBA may not be very practical or acceptable to home owners or buildings. We have developed Supaflash to be our preferred installation method to comply with AS3500.3 (2015).

The Benefits To The Installer

  • Compliant – Protects your licence and livelihood.
  • Neat – It does not change the appearance of the gutter, tiles or roofline.
  • Practical – In 3 metre lengths it’s easy to have onboard for when needed.
  • Affordable – May not be needed around full perimeter, and with the combination of Supaflash and Supaquad hf the required height can be further reduced to 12mm, reducing the amount of Supaflash required.

Pricing – Supaflash Guttering

$66.00 / Pack (30Lm) + GST

Supaflash Offer - Click here

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