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Keep the debris out.

Alcoil leaf guards are the perfect compliment to your aluminium guttering system, keeping larger debris out and buying you more time between gutter cleanings.

Unlike other products, which are permanently affixed to the gutter, making it difficult to access smaller debris, Alcoil’s leaf guards sit neatly on top of the gutter in lift-out pieces, for easy removal and gutter access.

Alcoil Leaf Guards – Leave the ladder in the garage, where it belongs. 

Why choose aluminium leafguards?

  • It reduces the number of times your gutters need to be cleaned
  • It easily lifts out for gutter access
  • It keeps out the leaves
  • It is the final step in the complete guttering system

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Product Specifications

  • Product Details

    Aluminium Leafguards Leaf Guard

    Product code: leafguards

    Material Aluminium
    Use on Ogee Style Gutters
    Brackets Can only be used in conjunction with internal gutter brackets.
    Warranty Products backed by 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.
    Features Keeps leaf litter and other large debris from entering gutters, while allowing free water flow. Can be removed if necessary to access gutters.

    Additional Resources:

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  • Accessories

    • Touch Up Paint

    • Rivets

    • Silicone

    • Clouts

    • PVC Adapter

    • PVC Elbow

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