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Aluminium Fascias for Maximum Benefit.

Conserve your timber – and your time.

Complete your guttering solution with never-rust aluminium fascias. Wrapped around your timber, Alcoil’s pre-painted aluminium offers the dual advantage of protecting your timber from rotting, and saving you from ever needing to paint the fascia again.

Save your springtimes for more enjoyable pursuits.

Alcoil Aluminium Fascias – the no-paint, never-rust solution you’ve been looking for.

Why Choose Aluminium Fascias?

  • Complete the look
  • Labour saving – never paint again
  • Timber savings – helps protect timber from rotting

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Product Specifications

  • Product Details

    Aluminum Fascia Covers Aluminium Fascia Covers

    Product code: fascia_covers

    Material Aluminium Prepainted
    Length Standard 3.5m & Custom 6m (to maximum girth of 281mm)

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  • Colour Range


    • Brunswick Green

      Brunswick Green

    • Dover White

      Dover White

    • Heritage Red

      Heritage Red

    • Merino


    • Rivergum


    • Slate Grey

      Slate Grey

    • Smooth Cream

      Smooth Cream

    • Vincent Brown

      Vincent Brown

    • Brownstone


  • Accessories

    • Touch Up Paint

    • Rivets

    • Silicone

    • Clouts

    • PVC Adapter

    • PVC Elbow

    • Screws

    • PVC Products

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