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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

So effective, you’ll forget it’s there.

Alcoil’s Aluminium Concealed Gutters offer the best of both worlds, combining discreet guttering with ultimate reliability. 

Because concealed guttering systems are tucked behind the fascia board, and are attached directly to the framework of the house, the water line is subject to movement as the house settles.  This movement can lead to water pooling and collecting in bends and kinks in the guttering, and, at its worst, not falling down to the downpipes.  In non-aluminium systems, this can result in corrosion, and even internal leaking within the walls of your house. 

Because aluminium does not rust, only Aluminium Concealed Guttering can promise protection from corrosion and internal leaks.

Alcoil, Melbourne’s exclusive provider of Aluminium Concealed Guttering, specialises in concealed guttering installation.  With little room to manoeuvre, and no room for error, our certified plumbers are particularly equipped to meet the unique challenges associated with concealed guttering.  

Alcoil.  Purchase peace of mind.

Why Choose Aluminium Concealed Gutters

  • Aluminium Concealed guttering will NOT rust - ever
  • Larger water carrying capacity than standard concealed gutters
  • Alcoil supply specialised concealed guttering installers

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Product Specifications

  • Product Details

    Concealed Gutters

    Product code: Concealed_gutters

    Material Aluminium Prepainted
    Length 6m
    Features Girth: to 281mm

    Additional Resources:

    Click here to download Aluminium Concealed Guttering product information.


  • Colour Range


    • Brunswick Green

      Brunswick Green

    • Dover White

      Dover White

    • Heritage Red

      Heritage Red

    • Merino


    • Rivergum


    • Slate Grey

      Slate Grey

    • Smooth Cream

      Smooth Cream

    • Vincent Brown

      Vincent Brown

    • Brownstone


  • Accessories

    • Touch Up Paint

    • Rivets

    • Silicone

    • Clouts

    • PVC Adapter

    • PVC Elbow

    • Screws

    • PVC Products

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